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VGFOA Listserv Information and Subscription Form

Welcome to the VGFOA Listserv service

The VGFOA is pleased to offer a new service to our members.  We invite you and other finance professionals with an interest in governmental finance to subscribe to the VGFOA’s new listserv service. You must be an active VGFOA member to join.

The listserv’s purpose is to enhance the exchange of information among VGFOA members by providing a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas, experiences,  and other helpful information among Virginia's governmental finance professionals.

How the Listserv Works

A listserv works much like regular email, except that the recipient list includes all the individuals who have subscribed to the listserv. In other words, all email messages sent to the listserv will be distributed to all the subscribers at their own email addresses.

How do you send an email to the listserv?

Use your regular email service provider to send messages to the VGFOA list. In the "To:" field of the email simply type in this address: When you send the message, it is automatically copied and sent to all the listserv subscribers.

How do you know if an email message is from the listserv?  

You can easily identify email messages that were sent from listserv members. The message will show '' in the From: field of the email.

How do you respond to a listserv message?

You respond to a message from a listserv subscriber just as you would to any email message: Simply click on the "Reply" button, type your message and Send. 

When posting mail to the list, be sure to include a short description of your topic in the subject line and include your name at the end of your message so your fellow subscribers will know who sent the message.

If you wish to respond directly and only to the individual who sent a particular message, do not respond to the list. Doing so will result in all of the list members receiving your personal response. Rather, send the mail directly to the intended recipient by creating a new email message or changing the address in the To: field of your email message.

How to Subscribe

There is no charge to join this listserv, and it takes just a minute to subscribe online and you only need to subscribe once to become a member of the listserv.

To subscribe use the form at the bottom of this page.  Simply enter the email address you would like to use to send and receive listserv email messages.*  

After you hit the “Subscribe” button, you will receive an email message in your inbox that asks you to confirm your subscription; you must click on the link provided in the confirmation email or you will be removed from the subscription list. 

(If you do not receive a confirmation email in your inbox within a few minutes after subscribing check your junk mail folder as some email servers may filter the message as spam.  If that occurs you will need to designate messages from the listserv as safe so future messages will not automatically be rerouted to your junk mail folder!)

*NOTE: Since there is the potential of receiving a substantial volume of emails, depending on the number of subscribers and the level of correspondence activity, you might wish to consider a couple of options for handling the listserv emails (if you choose not to use these options the emails will appear in your primary email inbox):

  • One option is to use a secondary email address, such as a Hotmail or G-mail address, rather than your primary email address, for sending and receiving emails via the listserv
  • Another option for handling the emails from the VGFOA listserv, if you choose to use your primary email address, would be to create a folder in your email client specifically for the listserv emails and have listserv emails automatically moved/directed to that folder as they are received.  You would then need to check that folder to read/reply/handle the emails. 

Cautionary Note:

This is not a password protected listserv.  Anyone with a valid email address can subscribe to this listserv and the information you include in your email message can be viewed by everyone who subscribes to the listserv, therefore it is not advisable to disclose confidential and proprietary  information or any other information which you do not want all subscribers to have access to.  If you need to provide sensitive information do not use the listserv, send that information via a private email message.

How to Unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe at any time. Every email message you receive via the listserv will contain instructions and an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message. Simply click on the unsubscribe link provided.

Subscribe to the VGFOA Listserv

Enter the email address you wish to use and click the Subscribe button:
(then check your email inbox and confirm your subscription) 

Our subscriber list will not be sold or shared with any other entity or individual.