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Upcoming Events

Exceptional Presentations.  By Design.

Wendy is smart, creative and assertive.  She can tackle problems head-on and find a win-win solution.  Ask her to speak in front of a group—especially at an important event—and she is a bundle of nerves. 

What makes public speaking create fear and uncertainty even in confident people?

  • Have you wondered how you can become a more confident speaker—even when you don’t have time to prepare?  If so, you are not alone.  This is a problem shared by many people. 
  • Are you a good public speaker and you would like to become an exceptional public speaker?  Excellent.  We have tips and tools that will take your speaking skills to the next level.

Join us for two energizing webinars that will take your presentation skills to a bold, new level.  Each webinar will share proven principles, strategies and tips that will empower your speaking skills. 

  • Learn and master powerful, articulate presenting skills.
  • Transform nervous energy into confidence.
  • Know what to do when you don’t know the answers to impromptu questions.
  • Speak easily to large and small groups.
  • Engage your audience so they hear your message.
  • Deal with unexpected presentation challenges with calm confidence.

You’ll discover these techniques and tools during our interactive webinar. 


Who should attend:        Anyone who speaks at meetings, small groups, large groups. 

When are the webinars: August 16 & 18, 9 AM- 11 AM (via Zoom)

Who is our facilitator:     Debra Burton Brown, CPTD and speaker extraordinaire

What else do I need to know:  Cost - $200;  CPE – 6 hours, including outside reading.

If you are ready to take your speaking skills to a new level, we look forward to seeing you.

Register online here.