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Retirement and Benefits, Risk Management and Procurement

ONLINE: Retirement and Benefits, Risk Management, and Procurement 2023

Online Course

The course below is available online through Radford University’s Government and Nonprofit Assistance Center (GNAC). You must register through VGFOA to take this course. Once you register, an email is sent to GNAC notifying them that you are enrolled. GNAC will then send you a password so that you can log on to their website and take the course.

Due to processing time, please note that it may take 3-5 business days before receiving the follow-up email from GNAC regarding your course password.

Retirement and Benefits, Risk Management, and Procurement


This course will cover topics such as retirement and benefits, risk management, and procurement. Students will learn about pension administration, design, and investing pension fund assets. The course covers the identification and evaluation of risk, tools for managing risk, and implementation of a risk management program. Procurement, contract maintenance, and purchasing operations are also covered in the coursework.

This course qualifies for credit under the Virginia Government Finance Officers' Certificate Program (​) and fulfills the Pensions, Risk Management, and Procurement required class. It provides an online alternative to the live seminar class periodically offered. This is a self-paced course that has three main sections as follows:

1. Retirement and Benefits

2. Risk Management

3. Procurement

Each section has a recorded PowerPoint slide presentation. Prior to starting the exam, you can come and go from the presentation at any time. After working through the slides for a section you should take that section’s quiz. The slides can be printed in advance for reference and making notes while taking the class. You can take the quizzes as many times as you like. However, you must make 100% on one of the attempts for each section to get credit for the class.

After you have completed all three sections, you need to take the course exam. There is a two-hour time limit and you only have one attempt. Once you start the exam, the two hour period begins and does not stop if you leave the exam.

This online class offers 10 hours of CPEs.