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Personal and Professional Well-being

Multiple studies have shown that being happy and satisfied at work is associated with better individual performance and a higher level of creativity. Daily job satisfaction also influences mood and marital satisfaction at home. Employees who are thriving at work have 41% lower health-related costs compared to employees who are struggling. The effects of job satisfaction go beyond the individual level. An overview of 339 research studies1 shows that happier workplaces have higher productivity, less employee turnover, and higher customer satisfaction. Increasing the well-being of the members of the VGFOA will not only reflect in their performance, enthusiasm, and health but also in the satisfaction of the citizens they are serving.

One-day online synchronous training

The training Improving Personal and Professional Well-being will offer the members of VGFOA an in- depth understanding of well-being and the tools to improve their current well-being at work and home. The training targets the three most important factors influencing professional well-being: strengthening interpersonal relationships, dealing with stressors, and increasing job interest and meaning.

The training includes a Well-being Workbook (.pdf) to use during and after the session.

Upcoming Courses for Personal and Professional Well-being:

Personal and Professional Well-being (Zoom) - June 8, 2021