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  • Megasites - Major focused compendia that provide easy access to specialized subjects or tools.
  • Virginia - Sources for the State
  • General/National - References, lists, publications




  • The Blonz Guide Link Opens in New Window- One of those (probably ubiquitous) search sites where you can "Find anything findable by entering the key words in appropriate spaces and then hitting the appropriate (sic) button to start the search. You can also go to the search engine site by clicking on the underlined NAME of the search engine." Recently updated to include all of the newer engines (including Google). Some people have much too much time on their hands, thank heavens.
  • GPO Access Link Opens in New Window- The Government Printing Office might have to change its name to Government Publications Online if this site gets the attention it deserves. Your taxes already paid for creating the Federal Register, Congressional Record and carefully edited regulations, so why not browse those sources with a better search engine than leafing through library copies? As agencies come on-line, everybody benefits. 
  • IRS Link Opens in New Window- Guess which is, to date, the friendliest, warmest, perkiest government site around? If you must restrict your sugar intake, you might want to try the (very well done) text-only version. A good search engine allows the intrepid to plumb the bowels of Title 26 of the U.S. Code.
  • The Dismal Scientist Link Opens in New Window- The pompous title is "An Economic Information and Economic Analysis Web Site:" but it claims to be "the best free lunch on the web." Lots of data (which can be personalized), excellent opening page with links to key indicators, and a breezy insouciance that obviously intends to bely its name. 


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  • Standard & Poor'sLink Opens in New Window- One of the leading global rating agencies committed to providing the world's credit markets with accurate, timely and prospective credit opinions.
  • The Fitch Ratings Public Finance GroupLink Opens in New Window- Analyzes and prepares comprehensive rating reports on the strengths and risks of the complex areas of the tax-exempt bond market. The Public Finance Group also rates the debt of state and local governments and their authorities, as well as the taxable debt of not for-profit issuers.
  • Moody’s Investors ServiceLink Opens in New Window(use of site requires a login) - Among the world's most respected, widely utilized sources for credit ratings, research and risk analysis.
  • Government Finance Officers' AssociationLink Opens in New Window- The site has been completely redesigned and updated in 2002, and provides many new services, including an "e-store" for online course registration and purchases.
  • Kaplan's Auditnet Resource ListLink Opens in New Window- If you're vaguely interested in auditing and want to see what's available on the Web, or if you're severely interested in auditing and want to find everything you can, the KARL is the place to start. Regular updates, including changes in Web addresses, are available by free subscription and delivered by e-mail.
  • Census Map StatsLink Opens in New Window- Click on a state and you get information - click on a county and you get information - plus pretty good maps. May be a little esoteric but if you have a color printer, the maps look sharp when printed out.
  • Federal Reserve "Beige Book" ReportLink Opens in New Window- Evaluates economic activity by district - but when you stop to think about it, useful for finance and budget officers as well.
  • "The Web's Legal Dictionary"Link Opens in New Window- Explains a lot of the legal jargon pretty clearly - usage could be a little dangerous, however - you may figure out what your County or City Attorney is REALLY telling you or the Board or the Council.


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This page contains links which take you out of the Virginia Government Finance Officers' Association Web site. External linked sites are not under the control of the VGFOA.  The VGFOA is not responsible for the content, views or accuracy of information on external internet sites. The links are provided for convenience only.