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Lifetime Achievement Award

Joseph N. Black Lifetime Member Award

The Joseph N. Black Lifetime Member Award recognizes retired members who have made outstanding contributions to the field of public finance in the Commonwealth. The award was named in honor of Joseph N. Black, founding member of VGFOA. As this is a prestigious award and recognizing the fact that Executive Boards do transition over time and may not be cognizant of the merits of someone who is now retired, the Nominating Committee will maintain a list of potential candidates and their contributions that were noteworthy.

Annually, the Nominating Committee will recommend to the Board one to three members for the Award.

All Joseph N. Black Lifetime Member Award recipients will be recognized on a plaque that the VGFOA shall display at the annual conference and through recognition on this website.

Joseph N. Black Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

  • Edward Pettigrew, Jr.
  • Philip Curtis, Jr.
  • Robert Fary, Jr.
  • A.N. “Hoot” Gibson
  • Bill Perrero
  • Ray Jones
  • Joe Black
  • Duvall Flora
  • Hubert Shiner, Sr.
  • Jack Pickard
  • Jesse Hughes
  • Jim Clowers
  • Meryn Wingfield
  • Daniel Robinson
  • L. Gene Harding
  • Leon Hirsh
  • George Titus
  • Jack Lissenden
  • Bonnie France
  • Richard Brown, Jr.
  • Susan Planchon
  • Judy Gough
  • Dennis Kerns
  • James Grisso
  • Jesse Hall
  • Aubrey Dodson
  • Larry Clark
  • Philip Grant
  • Frank Turk
  • Clarence Daniel
  • Shelley Carmichael
  • Nickie Champion
  • James "Mac" McReynolds
  • Kim Via
  • James J. L. “Jay” Stegmaier 
  • Steven Solomon
  • John Tuohy
  • Mary Tuohy
  • Patricia Weiler 
  • Kathy Seay