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James O. McReynolds Scholarship for CPFO Exam or Review Course

During the Fall 2014 Conference, we made efforts to recognize "Mac" McReynolds and his many contributions to our organization. However, the Board felt that, given Mac’s dedication to the VGFOA and his many contributions and accomplishments for the benefit of the VGFOA, including serving as President (1993-1994), there was something more that we should do to honor him. Consequently, at our December 2014 meeting, the VGFOA Executive Board voted unanimously to name a scholarship in Mac’s honor.

This scholarship offers three individual scholarships for VGFOA members who qualify under the requirements of GFOA to participate in the CPFO program.  Each scholarship, with a value of up to $295, will cover the cost of a member’s first subsequent examination fee. Alternatively, at the recipient's option, this scholarship will cover the fee for the VGFOA review course (value of $225).  Scholarships will be valid for the entire 2019 calendar year.  Any additional costs associated with the CPFO program must be covered by the attendee or employee.

Applications and Faculty Forms were due by August 31, 2018

Congratulations to This Year's Scholarship Winners:

  • Sheila Cutrell, City of Emporia
  • Stephanie Lahr, James City County